Top 5 reasons not to watch The Nun alone

So today I went out to watch The Nun. I love horror movies and The Conjuring and Annabelle Creation are among my favourites, that is why I was super excited about watching The Nun as soon as possible. Did I enjoy the movie? Was it good enough? Well, to be honest I would like to rate it 9/10. I was so scared, partially because I was watching it alone though. My review contain spoilers so be aware.

Okay, so here are the top five scenes from the movie that made me scream and tremble and cry and what not.

1. When I started to watch the movie, in the first scene they show a door. On the door it is written:

God ends here

It made me so scared. I don’t why but I shivered with fear. Goosebumps!

2. When the cute French Canadian guy take father Burke and sister Irene to the place where he was keeping the body of the nun who has sacrificed her life. So basically when they go there, the body of the nun is sitting and the frenchie says that he laid out the body and then father Burke goes to touch the nun’s hand and…. Creepy moment.

3. Father Burke follows the young boy Daniel to the graveyard and suddenly a snake rolls out from the boy’s mouth and attack father Burke and he falls into a ditch, locked in a coffin and the next moment, we see a gravestone on which his name is carved. He calls out for help by ringing the bell and when sister Irene arrives to help, suddenly all the bells in the graveyard starts ringing. OMG. Why my heart is still beating?

4. The ritual was one of the most horror scenes in the movie, when sister Irene is praying with the rest of the nuns in the church, but in real everyone there is dead apart from sister Irene.

5. Last but not the least, my most favourite scene of the movie was the ending. It left me completely awestruck and I even cried a bit. It was so scary and nostalgic. Do you want to know what happened in the last scene? Okay, I’ll skip that.

Enough spoilers. Just go and watch the movie. It is too daunting and spine-chilling. Those with weak hearts, please don’t watch it alone.


7 thoughts on “Top 5 reasons not to watch The Nun alone

  1. I watched it on last Friday.
    Well , too be honest I used to get scared while watching horror movies so I stopped watching them long ago.
    After so long & for the first time I watched a horror movie in a theater but still I wasn’t scared.
    I don’t how should I feel about it.

    Maybe It was not that scary. But still I’d say it had some great scenes. 😀

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