What happened in Sialkot on 15th August, 2010?

There are some events so tragic that you can never forget them, some memories carved upon your heart. Let me share with you the memory which haunted me for years and didn’t let me sleep at night. Whenever we think that things are going well, that the society is moving towards justice and egalitarianism, we are always slapped back to reality.

Here is what happened in Sialkot, during the holy month of Ramadan on 15th August, 2010.

The enraged people forcibly snatched Muneeb (14) and Mughees (17) from 1122 staff and started beating them outside the building of 1122. At that time, the conduct of the police staff was the manifestation of “Gujranwala range police doctrine” which means that if you find a criminal particularly dacoit, don’t arrest him alive, rather beat him to death and make him an example of street justice by parading his dead body in the streets.

The two boys were innocent but the police didn’t try to save them, instead they became part of the crowd which was continuously abusing the beaten boys with clubs and rods and encouraging people to do the same. Same was the attitude of the SHO of PS Saddar.

Muneeb and Mugheez were subjected to severe and inhuman thrashing and got hanged upside down with pillars and pipes of the water tank of 1122 building. However, on DPO’s intervention, who appreciated the “Justice”, the bodies were brought down and people refrained from burning the dead bodies. Soon after the departure of the DPO, the dead bodies were put on tractor trolleys and paraded in the streets of the villages under local police escort and were finally thrown at the mortuary of the civil hospital in Sialkot.

Feel free to share your most dreadful memories of the past in the comment section below. Instead of suppressing them and letting them eat you alive, just open up and let go of those tormenting memories.


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