The BFF who is grounded (PubG)

John is my best friend,

I will only play with John,

John will only play with me!

John is crazy and super cute,

But I hate it when he kill me with grenades.

John is a horrible driver,

Puncturing tires is his favourite thing to do…

Once he got stuck in a car,

And he got so scared he cried for an hour.

John laughs like a maniac,

Always yelling, making creepy sounds,

It makes me wonder, is he a clown?

John’s favourite place is the shelter,

And he will go down to the shelter in a car!

You can take him anywhere but never to Pochinki,

Because his favourite line is, “We ain’t going to Buttcheeky!”

John is so cool, and such a shopaholic,

He has an orange Scar L skin and wears a monkey mask,

He will die for an 8x scope?

No you are wrong.

He will die for his best friends,

And that is why he is the bestest person of all.

Be like John!

P.s. I miss you so much buddy!


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