6 apps that changed the way online gaming works

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Gaming, the mere word is enough to give us an adrenaline rush. Gaming has evolved to a great degree in the past decade. From the traditional Super Mario we moved towards a more advanced Pokémon go. With the advancement of technology the world is turning into an online gaming arena. Everyone from children to adults have smart phones in which games are easily accessible. According to Latitude Research, half the world population is “casual gamers” while the other half are “game enthusiasts.” They want to take gaming to next level by interacting with people instead of isolating themselves while playing games. The future gamers like to see games which are digital in content and more related to their day to day lives. With the advancement of technology came the advancement in games. The concept of online gaming was introduced in which the players are given a platform where they can play games with anyone around the world. Online gaming builds connections with the most genius gamers in the world and it is quite exhilarating to play with those who are passionate about gaming like you are, instead of playing alone. Graphics change is beyond wonderful and the third dimension gives you an irrepressible and invigorative feelings.

Following are the top 6 applications that changed the way online gaming works and provided us with escapism through its futuristic techniques:

  1. Horizon Zero Dawn:

Horizon Zero Dawn is the crowning achievement of Guerrila Games. This game is an outlook towards the dystopian future where war and destruction has forced people to revert back to their tribal origins. The amalgamation of fantasy and science fiction leaves a vivacious effect on the gamer. We are faced with mechanized animals and holding on to strands of hope and bravery in order to survive. It is a very popular game with flawless RPG. The tuneful music, excellent voiceover performances and astonishing sound effects this game has won the hearts of all the gamers around the globe. It is a type of post-apocalyptic sci-fi narrating the story of a young woman’s journey in the surreal tribal land. The graphic work of the game is beyond excellence. Horizon Zero Dawn is PS4’s exclusive and enthralling game fully equipped with the attributes of making it one of the best games in the history of gaming.


  1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

With 94% ratings, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is yet another app which has brewed storm in the gaming world. Machines, weapons, war; it is an amalgamation of Adam Jensen, the cyborg’s stimulating adventure in the world that is falling apart due to chaos. This game takes place in the future unraveling the protagonist’s struggles to move across the city hubs in order to reveal certain conspiracies and endeavors. The best thing about the game is that all your actions lead to some sort of reward by playing different characters. Deus Ex is a first person shooter where you can achieve your aims the way you want. Human revolution revolves around a new violent trend where human body parts are replaced with high technology prosthetics.


  1. Dark Souls

Another success in the RPG world, with 9.5 ratings, Dark Souls is an action role-playing game revolving around death and countless murderous attempts on your life.  It is an extremely difficult game and only real gamers can excel in this game. You can watch the journey of your fellow players and give them suggestions as well. The horrendously dangerous and dark fantasy world of Dark Souls symbolizes the importance of life and hope. Success in the game makes you earn rewards while failure leads to severe punishments. This game explores a new concept of online gaming, giving it a twisted, desolated and challenging dimension which was lacking in the traditional games. It is a survival game where you are bound to die a lot and it is the only way of progress to learn from your experiences. The graphics, thematic motifs, the putrefying environment is so striking. All the n00bs out there, you have a long way to go in order to get a grip of this game.

  1. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is one of the best and free digital android online games. You can play it offline as well but it the online features are better comparatively. It is a card game which focuses on strategy building. You play around with decks and with its help you can cast various spells to call out different creatures and you can also challenge other players into a duel which is quite exciting and fun. Hearthstone has faced many difficulties in the past as the game was pwned by other excellent games of the same genre like Pokémon and YuGIOh but the developers learned from the backlash and came up with the new concept of Heroes of Warcraft which made the gaming world all ablaze and scored better than all the games. It is a game hard to master with simple rules and high production values.

  1. PolyCraft

PolyCraft is a third dimensional online free to play game. The protagonist is found on a mysterious Island and saved by a tiny creature called Wildlings, his job is now to make a new life for himself and protect it from the Feral who wants to destroy it. It is an easy fun game with amazing graphics and you can download it easily on your android phone. It is a tower defense game and you will see a lot of buildings, barriers and other stuff related in order to defend the wildlings from the horrible feral. This game will surely not disappoint you with its splendid visuals and will provide you the perfect gaming experience.

  1. O.V.A Legacy

This game is considered as one of the best sci-fi games of all the times. With its extraordinary graphics, RPG and visual designs you can play it for free on your phone as well. Isn’t that the perfect heaven for an enthusiastic gamer? You can play the game online with other players and you can even upgrade your weapons when you are done crafting them. N.O.V.A legacy is set in future where people are going out of the earth to live. The FPS (First person shooter) allows you to see the world through his perspective. You will get rewards for finishing a level, which will guide you in crafting your weapons.

Who would’ve thought that with the advancement of technology the gaming arena will completely change?  There are further developments in the gaming genre for example the 3D scanning and facial recognition feature enables you to create a custom avatar of your likeness. Intel RealSense technology helps you play with gestures so there is no further need to use the controller. The effort is to create games with the help of healthcare technology and the online games are improving to such a great extent that they are totally going to nullify the myth that games has a negative impact on our health and personality.







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