What is Love?

What exactly is love according to you? Let me tell you how some people misunderstand some other feelings with love. 

1. Lust

If you love a person because of her/his eyes, face or any other body part, it’s not love, it’s just lust.

2. Admiration
If yoh love a person because of his/her intelligence, congnition or insight about life, then it is not called love, it is admiration. You admire someone due to some attribute they have. 

3. Pity
If it’s because the person cries every time you go away, then you feel pity for them not love. 

4. Infatuation
If he/she makes you forget everything and you are unable to concentrate on your studies or sleep then it is called infatuation, not love. 

Then what exactly is love? 
Love is a very strange phenomenon. It is addiction. Watching the person smile, laughing with them aloud, always trying to be with them, telling them everything and knowing and wanting to know more and more about them. 

For me, I would see the person I love with my eyes closed or open. I would look for reasons to text him. Every now and then I would make him realize that he is very special for me. If I’m down due to some reason, just a text from him brightens my day and cheers me up.

I would go mad when he tells me he has a crush on someone else. His most stupid joke would make me laugh more than the best comedy show on TV. I just look at him and forget all my sorrows. I count on him more than anyone in this world. For me this is love. Acceptance, compassion and understanding each other. 

Stages of love
There are five stages of love. 

  • Crush
  • Infatuation
  • Love
  • Passion
  • Loss

No matter what, sooner or later every love story comes to an end. 
This post is written from the perspective of teenage love. 


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