Top three Pakistani brands

Brands are taking over the world. They are everywhere. People are unable to wear anything except branded clothes, designer jewelry, shoes and bags. The obsession is going on in full swing in Pakistan. People were literally fighting over dresses during the blessed friday sale last month. People are ready to spend minimum Rs.7000 on a casual dress that they will wear at home only. Designer dresses for formal gatherings etc is another story.

In today’s consumer culture we are totally mesmerized by the bold prints, leather, furs and glitters. We want to wear what the actors on television wear just to be a part of the ‘in’crowd. Well, I am also a prey to these brands and no matter how much I try not to follow them, I am left with no choice because I simply love shopping. 

There are many amazing brands in Pakistan e.g. Khaadi, Gul Ahmed, Al Karam, Kayseria, Bareeze and Breakout etc but following are the top three designer brands according to me which are quite reasonable compared to other brands.

 1. Nishat Linen

Don’t let the name fool you. Nishat Linen is not just a place for linens. There is a variety of stock there, from chiffons, lawn, cambric to Khaddar, marina and karandi. This place believes in quality and the quality of their fabric is so damn good. Apart from fabric, they have pret shirts both eastern and western wear, they have trousers, jeans, tights, scarves, stockings, shoes, bags and jewelry. What else do you need? 

2. Lime Light

Another favorite place. This place also provides you with great variety and the quality is really good. Recently there is a trend of velvet tights and they are so cool. Faux fur jackets and scarves are so good that one can’t resist taking everything home. 

3. Sapphire
Sappire is a place where you’ll drool over almost everything. The jewelry is too cool and up to date and Sapphire shoes are worth dying for. Lately there is this collection of fur shoes which I’m unable to get over. I want them so bad. Sapphire provides fabric, pret wear as well as sweaters, coats and cape shawls etc. A very classy place indeed. 


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