The Lizzie Twins

Okay so the time is 10:21 Pm not Am… :p Mr. and Mrs. Lizzie gave birth to two adorable babies. Their skin tone is much darker than their parents. They are so cute that I wanna name them but I can’t because first of all that’s not my dept. and secondly, I’ll grow emotionally attached with them if I named them. They are not too close like other twins we encounter. I mean they are not even playing together or wrestling or whatever they like to do. They are just standing 100 miles apart from each other, as if frozen in time and I’m continuously looking at them because any time soon they are gonna fall on me. Creepy little twins, their parents are away, probably having some quality time together. Wait a sec! Their mum is here, geez she also looks like she’s gonna fall any minute now. Stupid drunk family. They are living at our place since forever. I mean they even gave birth to twinies in our home. Yeah weird I know. It drives me crazy, their tendency to be so indifferent and frozen. Not the coldish frozen, if you know what I mean! I don’t know where the father is or maybe he just ditched them, it’s not like they are a happy married couple or something. Their father used to chase their mum all the time. I even doubt that he raped her. 😮 Let’s not discuss that any further. Horrible things have happened in this house! I don’t get them. Why they are so gross? I mean starting from having intercourse in the drawing room in front of everyone and then ditching the poor creepy girl alone with these ill mannered twins, though they are newbies so we can’t judge them so soon.

It’s 10:44 pm and they haven’t moved an inch. Believe me. They are totally glued to the ceiling and when you think they are glued for life, that’s when the creeptacular family make their move and fall on you! >.< I hate them so much. I tried loving the twins but I just can’t. Well, I hate Mr. Toady as well. He is all alone and obviously he lives here too. Free home for all kinda species…:/ He once tried to seduce me! Yikes. I was sleeping on the carpet because too tired to climb the bed. Lazy me… I felt something soft like jelly touch my ear and whispered, “Hey quirida, wanna make out.” It was the worst moment of my life, I screamed and he quickly jumped and went out of sight. I was never this much sexually harassed by anyone in my life. THAT FAT OLD GUY WAS NIBBLING ON MY EAR! :@ Being all gooey mooey and jellyish.

OMG I forgot to check and lefty twin disappeared. I hope he is not on the floor. Their mum also made her move. She is right on top of me. Don’t think bad, I’ve no interest in females.

Damn mum is nowhere to be seen. I just hope she’s not anywhere near me. I wonder what their diet is. They never leave home, they never ask us for any food and I’ve never seen them eating anything. Hey wait! I did see Mr. Lizzie once chewing Miss Croucha, I thought there were making out until Miss. Croucha disappeared. Yes! May she rest in peace in that monster’s tummy. Miss. Croucha’s WHOLE family lives here. They are the nastiest of all because they always try to act like the owners. They are stubborn and every day they give birth to a lot of baby Crouchas. Don’t tell anyone but we even tried to kill them. Okay I know it’s so wrong to kill someone but the Croucha family needs to die. They started interfering in our family matters. They even used our kitchen and ate our food and peed in our washrooms. The Lizzie family and Mr. Toady lives at peace in their own personal space but the Croucha’s kids are even nastier than the elders. They can’t die. We killed a lot of their elders. Okay don’t give me that look that I’m some cruel murderer. They made us kill them believe me, there was no other option left. The elders died but the babies are immortal. I need a powerful weapon to eradicate this horror.

Anyway, back to the Lizzie twins, the right one is still frozen and the leftie left with his mum. It creeps me out, imagining them sleeping with me. Once they even made a request to sleep on my bed, when the mum was pregnant but I didn’t allow it. You must think I’m a monster but that’s it I can’t allow any of them to share bed with me. They are just so inferior to me, pregnant or not. Okay I’ll stop being a bitch but you have no idea what Mrs. Lizzie’s sister Lardy once did to my aunt. Yes, Lardy who’s very precious to Mrs. Lizzie and is the twins’ favorite aunty poisoned MY aunt. So how can I share bed with her sister? She might as well give me kiss of death in my sleep. :/ It’s 11:31 Pm and time for me to stop observing these creepashees… I have my own family as well which is quite different from the rest of them and even though my aunt survived the Lardy’s poison, we all hate the Lizzie family, even if their twins are little and huggable. LOL imagine hugging them! :-p


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