6 apps that changed the way online gaming works

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Gaming, the mere word is enough to give us an adrenaline rush. Gaming has evolved to a great degree in the past decade. From the traditional Super Mario we moved towards a more advanced Pokémon go. With the advancement of technology the world is turning into an online gaming arena. Everyone from children to adults have smart phones in which games are easily accessible. According to Latitude Research, half the world population is “casual gamers” while the other half are “game enthusiasts.” They want to take gaming to next level by interacting with people instead of isolating themselves while playing games. The future gamers like to see games which are digital in content and more related to their day to day lives. With the advancement of technology came the advancement in games. The concept of online gaming was introduced in which the players are given a platform where they can play games with anyone around the world. Online gaming builds connections with the most genius gamers in the world and it is quite exhilarating to play with those who are passionate about gaming like you are, instead of playing alone. Graphics change is beyond wonderful and the third dimension gives you an irrepressible and invigorative feelings.

Following are the top 6 applications that changed the way online gaming works and provided us with escapism through its futuristic techniques:

  1. Horizon Zero Dawn:

Horizon Zero Dawn is the crowning achievement of Guerrila Games. This game is an outlook towards the dystopian future where war and destruction has forced people to revert back to their tribal origins. The amalgamation of fantasy and science fiction leaves a vivacious effect on the gamer. We are faced with mechanized animals and holding on to strands of hope and bravery in order to survive. It is a very popular game with flawless RPG. The tuneful music, excellent voiceover performances and astonishing sound effects this game has won the hearts of all the gamers around the globe. It is a type of post-apocalyptic sci-fi narrating the story of a young woman’s journey in the surreal tribal land. The graphic work of the game is beyond excellence. Horizon Zero Dawn is PS4’s exclusive and enthralling game fully equipped with the attributes of making it one of the best games in the history of gaming.


  1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

With 94% ratings, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is yet another app which has brewed storm in the gaming world. Machines, weapons, war; it is an amalgamation of Adam Jensen, the cyborg’s stimulating adventure in the world that is falling apart due to chaos. This game takes place in the future unraveling the protagonist’s struggles to move across the city hubs in order to reveal certain conspiracies and endeavors. The best thing about the game is that all your actions lead to some sort of reward by playing different characters. Deus Ex is a first person shooter where you can achieve your aims the way you want. Human revolution revolves around a new violent trend where human body parts are replaced with high technology prosthetics.


  1. Dark Souls

Another success in the RPG world, with 9.5 ratings, Dark Souls is an action role-playing game revolving around death and countless murderous attempts on your life.  It is an extremely difficult game and only real gamers can excel in this game. You can watch the journey of your fellow players and give them suggestions as well. The horrendously dangerous and dark fantasy world of Dark Souls symbolizes the importance of life and hope. Success in the game makes you earn rewards while failure leads to severe punishments. This game explores a new concept of online gaming, giving it a twisted, desolated and challenging dimension which was lacking in the traditional games. It is a survival game where you are bound to die a lot and it is the only way of progress to learn from your experiences. The graphics, thematic motifs, the putrefying environment is so striking. All the n00bs out there, you have a long way to go in order to get a grip of this game.

  1. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is one of the best and free digital android online games. You can play it offline as well but it the online features are better comparatively. It is a card game which focuses on strategy building. You play around with decks and with its help you can cast various spells to call out different creatures and you can also challenge other players into a duel which is quite exciting and fun. Hearthstone has faced many difficulties in the past as the game was pwned by other excellent games of the same genre like Pokémon and YuGIOh but the developers learned from the backlash and came up with the new concept of Heroes of Warcraft which made the gaming world all ablaze and scored better than all the games. It is a game hard to master with simple rules and high production values.

  1. PolyCraft

PolyCraft is a third dimensional online free to play game. The protagonist is found on a mysterious Island and saved by a tiny creature called Wildlings, his job is now to make a new life for himself and protect it from the Feral who wants to destroy it. It is an easy fun game with amazing graphics and you can download it easily on your android phone. It is a tower defense game and you will see a lot of buildings, barriers and other stuff related in order to defend the wildlings from the horrible feral. This game will surely not disappoint you with its splendid visuals and will provide you the perfect gaming experience.

  1. O.V.A Legacy

This game is considered as one of the best sci-fi games of all the times. With its extraordinary graphics, RPG and visual designs you can play it for free on your phone as well. Isn’t that the perfect heaven for an enthusiastic gamer? You can play the game online with other players and you can even upgrade your weapons when you are done crafting them. N.O.V.A legacy is set in future where people are going out of the earth to live. The FPS (First person shooter) allows you to see the world through his perspective. You will get rewards for finishing a level, which will guide you in crafting your weapons.

Who would’ve thought that with the advancement of technology the gaming arena will completely change?  There are further developments in the gaming genre for example the 3D scanning and facial recognition feature enables you to create a custom avatar of your likeness. Intel RealSense technology helps you play with gestures so there is no further need to use the controller. The effort is to create games with the help of healthcare technology and the online games are improving to such a great extent that they are totally going to nullify the myth that games has a negative impact on our health and personality.








There are times in your life when you are blank and you are unable to comprehend why the person who used to love you so much is not willing to talk to you now. There are times when you learn that you don’t need anyone to wipe your tears. Your solitude is enough for you and you are purging your life from all the negative people. So if people call you lonely, don’t listen to them. You are at peace. Just concentrate on your wellbeing and stay away from people who are a threat to your happiness.

Indulge yourself in nature. Go out and explore earth. Sit and talk to the ocean, to the trees, the rocks and you will realize that you are not alone. God is with you and He will always be with you, in the chirping of the birds, in the dew drops, in the flames of fire, in the dead brown leaves on the ground, in the blooming flowers, in the fluffy clouds, in the twinkling stars and in your heart; He is everywhere. You are not alone. You are just enjoying your solitude.


Starving for a life you never had,

Time seems to fly and you never have

That little piece of joy you want

Thus you’ll live the life you never had,

You cry for redemption and then move on

You turn chaos into a joy you never had

Your guilt eats the soul you never had

Yet still you go on, yet still you move on.

You never wait for death like I had

This peace you have is all I crave

You ungrateful species of God, yes you all!

You will never get the life you want to have.

New year, new hopes

So it’s time to clear your mind and warmly welcome a new year. It’s true that time flies. We are about to enter 2018. I can’t believe it. It was just yesterday when my 2017 started with a terrible beginning and half of the year went in utter misery. I contemplated upon foolish thoughts in that time period, moving towards self destruction. Lack of love is a very dangerous thing I guess.

The second half of 2017 was literally the best time of my life. I got so many of my dreams and wishes come true. I got up from the ashes and was more beautiful and clear headed than ever.

For 2018 I wish that all my dreams come true once again. Please pray for me. May this new year turn out to be the best year of my life. May I achieve my goals and get success in life.

What are your hopes and goals for 2018 and how determined are you to turn your dreams into a reality?

Happy new year!

Happy holidays. 😊

P.s. check out my new hobby of photography as well.

What is Love?

What exactly is love according to you? Let me tell you how some people misunderstand some other feelings with love. 

1. Lust

If you love a person because of her/his eyes, face or any other body part, it’s not love, it’s just lust.

2. Admiration
If yoh love a person because of his/her intelligence, congnition or insight about life, then it is not called love, it is admiration. You admire someone due to some attribute they have. 

3. Pity
If it’s because the person cries every time you go away, then you feel pity for them not love. 

4. Infatuation
If he/she makes you forget everything and you are unable to concentrate on your studies or sleep then it is called infatuation, not love. 

Then what exactly is love? 
Love is a very strange phenomenon. It is addiction. Watching the person smile, laughing with them aloud, always trying to be with them, telling them everything and knowing and wanting to know more and more about them. 

For me, I would see the person I love with my eyes closed or open. I would look for reasons to text him. Every now and then I would make him realize that he is very special for me. If I’m down due to some reason, just a text from him brightens my day and cheers me up.

I would go mad when he tells me he has a crush on someone else. His most stupid joke would make me laugh more than the best comedy show on TV. I just look at him and forget all my sorrows. I count on him more than anyone in this world. For me this is love. Acceptance, compassion and understanding each other. 

Stages of love
There are five stages of love. 

  • Crush
  • Infatuation
  • Love
  • Passion
  • Loss

No matter what, sooner or later every love story comes to an end. 
This post is written from the perspective of teenage love. 

Chaotic love

When that hand grabbed my arm

And pulled me towards himself, 

My instant thought was death

Or life without him?

I chose death than living without him,

My every thought centered around him,

He was so attractive,

My bewitching piece of magnet,

And I was allured towardd him

As if he is the only one in this world,

I never wish to stay without him

As my purpose in life is getting his love,

How can I ever,

Imagine him with someone else?

My heart may stop that moment

If that ever happened.

My past was him, he is my present,

Without him my future seems dark,

He is a soul for my body

And my body was carved to protect his soul,

No matter how far away he goes from me,

He live with me every second…


I never knew a storm would come,

To end my life. 

Hands trembling, feet shaking,

Heart thudding, mouth parched,

His every word was crystal clear in my mind.

He said, “You are no good for me,

I want something from life,

You always block my way

And never let me try.”

My mouth opened, I closed it again

Had no idea what to say…

My heart wanted to escape from my chest

My life was about to end.

“Please, don’t leave me!”

I fell on his knees,

“Do listen my cry of pain.

It’s you I want from life,

Without you, I can’t survive.”

He shook his head, “You are mad,

I’m in hurry, let me go.

You wasted my time, you are no good,

Just let me leave alone.”

I was gasping for breath,

The world spinning around me,

My hands locked around his knees,

“Please don’t go or I’ll die,

I want you, you’re my life.”

I pleaded with my face all wet,

My eyes were red, my lips white.

He looked at me for a second,

Frowned at me and made his way.

He went without looking back,

My eyes started to ache,

Please God take me away,

I never wanted this life!


Thirty years later, weak and wrinkled,

Sitting at the same spot,

Hope was with me

That’s all I need to have,

I know he will return,

I pray for him a lot

He never left my thoughts,

Remembering his sweey smile still makes my heart beat fast,

I think of him as mine,

Craving for his return.

He was the best part of my life,

Someone I can never forget,

One thing I know for sure,

He knew that I’m alive

God made me just for him,

And for him I’ll die…


Ten years later, on my dead bed

Surrounded by loved ones,

My beady eyes searched the crowd

For someone very special.

I know he will come

My love for him is strong.

I started gasping for breath,

As a cold hand touched my forehead,

I had to blink twice,

Before I realized,

Though his face was wrinkled,

His hair was white,

He was still as handsome

And still so bright.

He closed his eyes,

As if in pain

And rubbed my face with his hands,

My ecstasy was unbearable,

I wanted to tell him that…

He opened his eyes,

Tears pouring down from them,

My heart ached when I saw his tears

I wanted to soothe him, to tell him it’s okay.

He opened his mouth at last to speak, 

Hearing his soft voice made me say thanks to God!

I felt like the luckiest person,

I wanted everyone to know

My love was back

My life complete!

He spoke so low, but I heard it clear

His voice was so full of agony 

Like it was too much for him to bear.

He said, “I love you so much.

You made my life empty,

I so much wanted to return,

But I was too guilty.”

He said, “I’m so sorry,

Leaving you was a sin,

I will never forgive myself.”

I was surprised, I wanted him to know

He was the reason I stayed alive for so long,

I slowly reached my hand,

To wipe of his tears,

When he saw what I was doing,

A slow smile lightened his eyes.

That was enough, more than enough

I just can’t take more joy…

I memorized his smile,

Before I closed my eyes.

The world went black,

And my heart beat stopped.

I still love you,

Was my last thought. 

Gone forever

When the heavy drops of rain

Fall on my face,

And the cold wind

Brushed passed me with a race,

My heart gives a beat,

It just can’t bear the heat

Whenever you are near me,

I just want to yell with glee

For me you are light,

I’ll never let you go without a fight.

Whenever your voice reaches my ear,

Every moment I spent with you becomes clear,

One night you kissed me goodnight

And then flew away from me,

Like a kite.

You never looked back,

‘Cause your love was fake,

But my love for you is true,

I know you have that clue.

Your sweet smile lingers in my every thought,

Staying away from you just made my blood clot,

Maybe one day you’ll realize

That you’ll always be my life,

Maybe some day you’ll come back,

But it will be too late…